Tarumanagara owes its existence to the dedication of several figures who founded Tarumanagara Foundation on June 18, 1959. They felt the need to give contribution to the country by establishing a high education institution that was scarce in Jakarta at that time. Among the founding figures was Kwee Hwat Djien (H.K. Santoso) who was then the leader of Sin Ming Hui (Tjandra Naja) organization.

Tarumanagara is a kingdom in the fifth century in West Java. The ruler was Sri Maharaja Purnawarman. The glory and the eminence of the kingdom were the inspiration of Tarumanagara Foundation and University.

Tarumanagara University started from Tarumanagara School of Economy, opened on October 15, 1959 which located at Tjandra Naya Social Building on Jalan Gadjah Mada 188 in Central Jakarta. On October 1, 1962, Tarumanagara School of Economy was transformed into Tarumanagara University with faculty of economics, faculty of law, and faculty of engineering (Architecture Department), and faculty of literature (English Department). On October 1, 1965, the foundation opened the Medicine School which the founders aspired to become the channel for the foundation’s contribution to people’s welfare.

In 1968, all classes and administrative works were moved to a building on Jl. S. Parman no. 1, West Jakarta, which is known as campus I. Tarumanagara Foundation keep building the campus facility in the campus I compound, which comprises about three hectares. The foundation also continues improving facility on the compound of campus II which comprises more than three hectares. Campus II, located across the campus I, houses the faculty of economics which accounts for the highest number of students in the university.

For the future, Tarumanagara Foundation has prepared the dream campus on a 138 hectares area in Karawaci, Tangerang. For the first phase, the foundation has built a multifunction room. The master plan for the area, to be called “Untar City”, has also been prepared.

To keep updated with science and technology development, Tarumanagara Foundation feels the need to provide a more modern educational supporting facility, hence the modern Royal Taruma Hospital. In addition, the foundation also built a 22-story main building with 8-story parking building at campus I. The compound has a modern library and a variety of facilities for the student center which encougares togetherness among the student. The center conveys “The Learning Gateway” as the motto.


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